Organisation of the Master

The Master MODO spreads over 2 semesters, each of which allows the students to acquire 30 ECTS. The first semester consists in courses, while the second semester consists in research working groups.

Each course lasts 15h and is worth 3 ECTS. During the first semester, the students must follow 10 courses as follows:

  • 4 mandatory courses for the whole Master,

  • 2 mandatory courses within the chosen stream,

  • 2 optional courses among the courses of the stream,

  • other optional courses among all the courses of the Master.

During the second semester, students must choose one main research workshop among the 2 of the chosen stream (20 ECTS) (the internship and the master thesis will be done in this workshop). The students also choose 2 other research workshop from the list of all research workshops of the Master (2x5 ECTS). There are in total 6 research workshops: 2 in each of the 3 streams.

Organisation in streams

The three streams are the following:

Courses for the Organisation stream

  • Organization Theory (Ecole des Mines - AgroParisTech) (Obligatoire)
  • OR environnement and health systems (AgroParisTech) (Obligatoire)
  • Théorie de la conception - Processus génératifs (Ecole des Mines)

Other optional courses

Choose two other courses among all the courses of the Master.

Research workshops for the stream « Combinatorial Optimisation »

Research workshops for the stream « Organisation »

  • Modèles de gestion et dynamique des organisations (Mines)

  • Systèmes d’information et Management des connaissances


Head of Master MODO: Daniel VANDERPOOTEN

Secretariat :
  Office :B530
  Tel. : +33 1 44 05 42 47
  email : master-modoping @

  Université Paris Dauphine
  Master MODO - Bureau P619
  Place du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny
  75775 Paris Cedex 16, France