Decision aiding: procedures, models and approaches

This research seminar is centred on themes linked to decision aiding that may vary from year to year. For instances, these themes may include:


  • dealing with a practical decision aiding problem linked to an internship,
  • theoretical or experimental comparison of various techniques or approaches,
  • studying new decision aiding techniques, especially techniques dealing with multiple criteria,
  • axiomatic and theoretical developments motivated by decision aiding problems or techniques,
  • investigating general research questions, e.g., properly taking imprecision or uncertainty into account or the development and validation of elicitation techniques.


 Themes are chosen each year depending on the wishes of students and the availability of internships. 

 Students following this research seminar as a secondary choice are involved through the critical analysis or research articles, performing experiments, implementing techniques. They are also invited to suggest personal research topics.

 Students following this reasearch seminar are expected to play an active role. The central aim of the research seminar is to help students learn about doing research.


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