Modelling in Decision Aiding and Operational Research

Objectives : The course aims at presenting the modelling process in Decision Aiding/Operational Research as well as original models for various decision problems. 



  • Definition and roles of models in  Decision Aiding/Operational Research. Solution and preference models.

  • Description of the modelling process and its different phases.

  • Presentation of non trivial models using various modelling frameworks (graphs, linear programming, multiobjective,...).

  • The use of 0-1 variables in  linear programming

  • Presentation of modelling and solving tools (modellers and solvers).


  • H.P. Williams. Model building in mathematical programming. J. Wiley, New York, 2013. 5th edition

  • Ph. Vallin et D. Vanderpooten. Aide à la décision : une approche par les cas. Ellipses, Paris, 2002., 2ème édition

  • D. Vanderpooten « Modelling in decision aiding ». In D. Bouyssou, E. Jacquet-Lagrèze, P. Perny, R. Slowinski, D. Vanderpooten, and Ph. Vincke (eds), Aiding Decisions with Multiple Criteria: Essays in Honour of Bernard Roy, pages 195–210. Kluwer, 2001.


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